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Newbie in need of some assistance with Battlefield V  (Read 264 times)

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Hello, I recieved my Xim Apex not too long ago and managed to play for a few hours. I still suck abit...but that is expected :)

My setup is: Xbox One X, Logitech K270 keyboard and Logitech G Pro Wireless mouse.

I have a few questions...some "technical" and some game related:

1. Is it ok to plug in the Xim on the USB ports at the back of the console? Will it be affected by the heat from the console in the long term?
2. I noticed that after I turned off my console, the Xim was still powered. Is it recommended to unplug the Xim from the console?

Now the Batlefield 5 "issues". I want the most PC-like configuration, if that is possibile. Meaning no aim assist.
I followed the setup guide and updated Xim to the latest firmware and downloaded the BF5 configuration. I also tried to follow the instructions in this topic - https://community.xim.tech/index.php?topic=72613.0

3. 4000DPI for mouse settings. Is this a personal preference or requirement? Because I feel that crosshair movement is abit slow for my taste.
4. I assume those settings were made for beta because in Advanced Controls the menu looks abit different.
Stick Aiming Acceleration: 0% - this is no longer there there is Aiming Left/Right Acceleration. Is it the same? I set that to 0%. There is also Veritcal Aim Ratio...leave that default?
5. R2/L2 max Input Threshold: 5%. For a more responsive tap firing. I assume R2/L2 are on PS4 and on Xbox we have RT/LT?
6. Aim Assist Slowdown: ON.   If I want no aim assist, do I still need to keep this ON?
7. XIM APEX Movement: Simulate Analog Behavior: 75  If I want this to be PC like...how should I set it?

Thank you and sorry if my questions sound noob-ish.

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Re: Newbie in need of some assistance with Battlefield V
« Reply #1 on: 10:05 AM - 12/07/18 »
1) Yes, any USB port should work fine.
2) It may help to have your console disable the USB ports while the console is off or in standby. Here is how to do this.

Xbox: Console settings > Power & Startup > Power mode & startup > Check "When Xbox is off, turn off storage"

PlayStation: Console settings > Power Save Settings > Set Features Available in Rest Mode > Supply Power to USB Ports > Set to "Off"

If these suggestions do not help then I recommend disconnecting XIM after each gaming session.

3) Use max DPI or a high DPI. I wouldn't go lower than 4,000. Set and forget, return to DPI adjustments later once you've become more familiar with your setup. I personally use max DPI as micro movement becomes smoother as DPI increases.

4) The game settings from http://xim.tech/settings were made on the game release day, these were not taken from the game's early access. If you don't see a setting name you may not be in the right tab or page of the game settings. Continue looking through the in-game settings and note that our game settings page outlines each section where those settings can be found.

5) Because you're using a mouse and not an analog stick your mouse press sends a 100% press to the game. It won't matter what the threshold is set to in game. I recommend sticking to the required game settings at http://xim.tech/settings

6) Try with this on and off to decide what works best for you.

7) This should be set to zero for a pc like experience. Please read about the feature on the beta page for more information about it's purpose and how to use it. http://xim.tech/beta
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