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Post your Overwatch Settings  (Read 476904 times)

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Re: Post your Overwatch Settings
« Reply #1710 on: 12:35 AM - 12/03/18 »
This is my updated settings.


mouse DPI: 3200
mouse and XIM: 1000hz
XIM APEX Sens:27.50
sync: default
aim smoothing:0 or 3-5 depends on how it feels
study aim:0

in Game Settings:

Sensitivity: 100\100
scooped Sens: 100
Aim Assist strength: 100
Aim Assist window: 30-70 .. differs 25 to 30 for hit scan .. and 50 and above for projectile
Aim Smoothing: 0
Aim Assist ease in: 75
aim technic: EXPO

I just started using it for a month or so and I use my controller on my left hand and my mouse in the right hand.
My rank is High masters in 3 accounts 3800-3950 ;)

Hope it works for you guys :)
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