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RS6 | Leaning & Shooting same time?  (Read 198 times)

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RS6 | Leaning & Shooting same time?
« on: 05:06 AM - 05/03/20 »
Hi all,

I have an aux that's bound to CTRL that allows me to strafe left or right and that's also bound to lean (Move left +lean left) which I'm sure many RS6 players are aware of, however is it possible to have this aux activate while holding down fire?

It works fine when I ADS however as soon as I'm holding down my fire button, I still can move left or right, however my lean function 'disables' and I'm stuck in the lean position I was prior tro firing and I'd much prefer to be able to, like people I've seen, spam lean left, lean right while having my gun shoot, any tips to get this working?

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Re: RS6 | Leaning & Shooting same time?
« Reply #1 on: 05:19 PM - 05/04/20 »
I had this problem when I made my AUX and idk if it had to do with me double binding something (I had been changing a lot at the time) or what it was, but I ended up recreating my config from scratch and just carefully copying what I knew I wanted and needed for it, and that worked for me. Sorry I canít be more help, but I hope this works!
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