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Switched to Apex from Xim4 can't find good settings Overwatch  (Read 113 times)

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Hey, like the title says I recently switched from using a Xim4 to an Apex on Overwatch. I had to create a new Xim profile and I also reset all my Overwatch settings to start them from scratch.

I have a 16k DPI mouse and I played on Xim4 with around a 4.5 sens for all heroes. I also used the aim smoothing option on. Now I'm playing on 4.5 sens default synchronization exponential ramp on the Apex and it still doesn't feel right. I'm not using the aim smoothing at all on the Apex because it feels really different.

If anyone could help me out with tips for my settings like if I should use boost or steady aim or a curve or something that would be super helpful. Also wether I should play some heroes on linear or some on exponential.

If you have tips on what to put for the aim assist settings for specific kinds of heroes like the aim assist window size and the aim assist ease in that would also be really helpful because I'm kinda guessing right now.

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if you want exactly the same aiming behavior as with your xim4 then set your xim apex to 125hz, sync default and use the same sensitivity :). If you change those settings then it will feel different, which isnt actually a bad thing as 1000hz feels much more responsive for example.
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