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Upgrading PS4 & Sound Whoring  (Read 228 times)

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Upgrading PS4 & Sound Whoring
« on: 04:41 AM - 11/23/18 »
Morning guys and girls,

I posted this also in the German area but would of course like to hear your opinion on that topic.

Currently I am playing with the Day 1 version of the PS4 and would like to know if it's worth upgrading the PS4 by adding an SSD or by buying the PRO? I just want to achieve the best possible experience in terms of performance and gameplay especially from a shooter perspective. Would love to hear your thoughts as today the deals are incoming.

The 2nd point is more in regards to an old topic. Is sound whoring still a thing? I am owning a X7 from SoundBlaster and tried out the old settings provided by the forum. It is not feeling right with new titles like Black Ops 4 and so I am wondering if there are new ways for sound whoring.

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Re: Upgrading PS4 & Sound Whoring
« Reply #1 on: 05:19 PM - 11/23/18 »
SSD wonít change performance, games will just load a bit quicker.

PS5 is due in 2020, maybe hold off until then as it should be backwards-compatible. Also, itís a Sony requirement that games donít perform better on Pro than original eg 60FPS vs 30FPS. What you do get is supersampling which is not noticeable and can slow games down.

Sound whoring is great using X7 in BO4, just use Cinematic > Night Mode. Deadly Silent is a must-have perk for sound whoring.

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