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Read Dead Redemption 2 - CONFIG and TIPS  (Read 16444 times)

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Re: Read Dead Redemption 2 - CONFIG and TIPS
« Reply #90 on: 06:22 PM - 02/11/20 »
I anyone else having issues with the dial menus in this game I cant get them to work. I've tried several configs and all of them have the same issue. Using the PS4 controller works fine.

Ok, here's how you fix it.

1) Enable AUX1 and set it's activation key to match your item wheel key
2) Verify activation delay is set to 0ms
3) Set deactivation delay to 200ms
4) Enable turn assist in the Aim Section of the config
5) Set turn assist to toggle
6) Adjust AUX1 sensitivity as needed. This will be your wheel selection sensitivity.

It works like a charm thank you so much mist.