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Warface Config (#1 Ranked Player)
« on: 02:45 AM - 10/26/18 »
I have spent some time on this game trying out various settings. At first I played with default settings but later on I started playing around with some of the advanced settings and now I have my config pretty sweet. I use sync off as it feels the most responsive and PC like and also it's the easiest to cut out of AA. I have tried all the other sync settings in this game. I use sync off for nearly all my games. I also use 12k DPI. If you have a cloth mousepad and experience jitter I suggest lowering your DPI. The mouse I use is the Rival 600 so I can't guarantee that your mouse will perform in the same way.

Copy the whole config on your phone
Go on the XIM Apex Manager app
Make sure Expert Mode is enabled
Create new config
Click on the 3 dots ...
Click on Paste

In-game Settings
Advanced control options - Enabled

Yaw Speed - 50
Pitch Speed - 50
Yaw Acceleration - 0
Pitch Acceleration - 0
Acceleration Time - 0
Acceleration Delay - 0

ADS Yaw Speed - 50
ADS Pitch Speed - 50
ADS Yaw Acceleration - 0
ADS Pitch Acceleration - 0
ADS Acceleration Time - 0
ADS Acceleration Delay - 0

Key Binds
WASD - Movement
Q - Special (Claymore etc)
E - Melee Weapon
X - Switch Attachments
C - Crouch
Hold C - Prone or Slide
R - Reload
F - Plant/Defuse Bomb
Shift - Sprint
Mouse Forward - Grenade
Mouse Back - Class Special (Repair Kit, Ammo Kit etc)
Mouse Left - Shoot
Mouse Right - ADS
Mouse Scroll Down - Switch Weapon
Hold T - Switch Weapon (Required in some PVE Missions, as you cannot hold down mouse scroll)

Use this DPI calculator to work out the sensitivity in the XIM config for your DPI.

Link for config

Warface GitGud v1.0 Release
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