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XIM + Deathadder 3500 = default 800dpi?  (Read 543 times)

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XIM + Deathadder 3500 = default 800dpi?
« on: 10:19 PM - 10/13/18 »
I am running XIM4 with my Deathadder 3500 Mouse on Xbox one. I want to run somewhere in the 3000-3500  dpi setting but it seems since it doesn’t have internal onboard memory it will always go to default at 800.

Anyone have a suggestion? I am thinking of selling the mouse and getting one with an onboard memory so I can program the dpi. With that being said should I stick with Razer or go with something else?

And is a hard or soft pad recommended?
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Re: XIM + Deathadder 3500 = default 800dpi?
« Reply #1 on: 02:04 AM - 10/18/18 »
The "lower end" Razer mice don't have on board memory- but it should save your DPI settings.

If you have a PC/Mac, download the Razer Synapse software (https://www.razer.com/downloads) (Make sure you get Synapse 2, not the beta software.

If you install that it will allow you to save/control which DPI settings are on your mouse. Not sure about your version, but my version of the Deathadder allows me to save 5 "preset" DPI settings to cycle through.
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