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Invert Vertical option not available in APEX Manager basic settings  (Read 363 times)

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Should the XIM APEX "Invert Vertical" option be available under both types of configurations; basic AND expert configuration?

If you are use to play first person shooter with your in game setting controller invert aim stick on, your mouse becomes inverted too when you connect it to the apex for the first time. When you want to keep your APEX configuration simple and or are new to the product and do not want to mess with expert configuration right away, the invert vertical option it is not available under basic settings. It is only available under expert configuration settings.

My point is that this is a basic configuration option, not an expert configuration only… Do you think you can eventually make it available for both types of configuration?

Thank you!

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Hello, I 100% agree that it should be located in 'Basic Settings' as well as in 'Expert'. I do have to say, is there any reason that you would prefer using the setting in the Xim app compared to an in-game setting? I'm not familiar with the pros and cons in relation to Invert settings. I'm curious to know!
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