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Anyway to change Xim Apex Left-Stick movement to Xim4's style?  (Read 1068 times)

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I'm trying to configure a profile and I've ran into a strange issue with the left stick translation.
In The Division, to strafe you need to sprint forward, then go either left or right unsprinted. Then, sprint forward and do opposite side. Each key is hit individual other than sprint+w. It needs to be done rapidly to be effective.
Problem is, if you sprint forward while the analog stick is in any way diagonal then your camera flips.
I can sprint forward then do the first part of the strafe,  but letting go of "a" and hitting sprint +"w" afterwards the Apex acts as if I'm still holding the a slight bit "a" cause it flips the camera to the left.
I've changed the dead zone of the stick to 0, maxed out, all over and nothing seems to work, is there a setting that would emulate Xim4 left-stick style? I've never had this problem on it.

Edit: If I delay my keys pressed half a second each one it works, so it seems the left stick has a delayed movement which brings it from left to forward to right, instead of it being separate flicks on the stick.
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Glad to see you have Xim Apex.  I can't wait for your configuration. 
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Is there a way to fix this issue on the division xim apex