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Rainbow six siege. Possible to hold crouch? currently crouch is toggle.  (Read 1410 times)

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Rainbow six siege. Possible to hold crouch? currently crouch is toggle.
I mean, if i bind ctrl for crouch, i want to press ctrl then crouch, after key up ctrl, it will stand up.

thank you
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You can use the same technique toggle ADS uses but I'm not sure what you should set your deactivation keys to remain in sync with the game. You will need to get creative with that part. Here are toggle ADS steps, replace the ADS assignment mentions with your crouch key.

If you would like to use toggle ADS you should first verify the in-game settings are set to HOLD to aim and not toggle to aim. Also verify the game is using the default in-game button layout. Next, open your config and swipe to the ADS aim section of your config. Under activation check the toggle checkbox then expand this menu and set deactivation keys. These keys will return you to the Hip setting when pressed and help keep XIM in sync with the game. Common deactivation keys are change weapons, melee, sprint, throw grenade. Use what you feel would help you most.
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