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Fortnite ps4 building  (Read 171 times)

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Fortnite ps4 building
« on: 04:44 AM - 08/19/18 »
Hallo is there a way? to get mouse icon ingame? sinds i dont have it with xim apex usb
and its also so hard to build with mouse and keyboard sinds we cant set example: Wall to third mouse button or stair to fourth mouse button and also cant change specific keybinds ingame settings only the settings froo the xim apex ?

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Re: Fortnite ps4 building
« Reply #1 on: 01:38 AM - 08/20/18 »
Its very easy to build for me because i use the Logitech 502, it has alot of buttons in the mouse. I assigned L1 and R1 in those, then switched to Builder pro on fortnite settings.

If u dont have the same mouse atlesst try the Builder pro,its very easy to Build like this