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[ACTIVE] xim4  (Read 69 times)

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[ACTIVE] xim4
« on: 04:31 PM - 08/12/18 »
XIM4 is showing keyboard mouse and controller as being plugged in on the app, but isnt acknowledging the keystrokes. I had it working on a different xbox controller but now that controller doesnt work either.  I am beyond frustrated with the long, confusing manager and firmware numbers, and the lack of visibility around WHAT I NEED TO DO.   Why cant this just be plug and play?  I didnt expect to be logging onto forums with STUPID security questions like "what color is black".  Black isnt a color. Its the absence of color. 
I have android, but on the app it says I need a different firmware version than what is on the xim4 now.   When i try to update the xim4 on my computer, the computer doesnt recognize the xim4, and the flashtool cannot connect to the XIM4. Ive pressed the P button and it shows as solid blue, but I cant connect to flash the XIM4 to the firmware that matches the firmware of my android app.   HELP.   I HATE THAT YOU CANT SPEAK TO SOMEONE ON THE PHONE ABOUT THIS.
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Re: xim4
« Reply #1 on: 04:44 PM - 08/12/18 »
Welcome to the community. Unfortunately XIM doesn't offer telephone support but we can assist here in the support forum. About captcha, sorry for the inconvenience but this has been a necessary evil to cut down on spam. The questions go away after ten posts.

Current builds of Manager and firmware aren't matching, you wont want to match these. Use the Manager version from your app store then verify that you're using the firmware linked below.


If you're unable to use the flash tool this could point to a larger issue. It would be a good idea to start with trying to update your XIM4 to the firmware linked to above. Each of these steps is known to solve issues related to using the flash tool with XIM, be sure to try them all.

1) Unplug all peripherals from XIM, the ports should be empty.
2) Attach XIM to USB 2.0 ports on the PC, you may have issues with 3.0 USB ports.
3) XIM4 users should test another cable between XIM4 and PC. APEX users should use direct connection.
4) Disable antivirus, use safe mode if necessary.
5) Use another PC if available.
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