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Is it possible for the Xim to disconnect?  (Read 479 times)

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Is it possible for the Xim to disconnect?
« on: 05:10 AM - 08/08/18 »
I have this problem, and this happened with Xim4 as well, when I use the controller while it's connected to Xim it often loses contact. I've tried this with 3 different wires and 2 different gamepads and it still happens. The problem is that when it happens you lose all control and Xim starts flashing yellow. Now, if you're engaged with an enemy that means you'll get your @#$% kicked unless you realize what happened fast enough and disconnect the Xim. My request is that when Xim notices that contact with the gamepad is lost is it possible that it just disconnects or shuts down automatically from the console?
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Re: Is it possible for the Xim to disconnect?
« Reply #1 on: 12:11 PM - 08/16/18 »
I've run into something like this. In my case it was because the USB port on the back of the controller had been flexxed or bent one too many times resulting in a loose unreliable connection. I've got at least two controllers sitting around that work fine wirelessly but can't be used for Xim anymore thanks to Microsoft's stupid decision to use Micro USB.

I bought something for my latest controller to combat this, it is called the 'Anti-Loose USB Cable Holder Clip Set for Xbox One Controller'. It may not help for a controller whose port is already damaged, best to use before that happens on a new controller.