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Feedback on the Apex as a Experienced PC Player (Day 2)  (Read 260 times)

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Hey Guys,

So I just started playing Fortnite about a month ago on the Xbox and gotten extremely hooked to it. Iíve been a long time PC user and played competitive Counter Strike for years so Iíve always preferred KBM. Due to living with my girlfriend and my gaming rig being back at my parents, I havenít been able to play with anything but a controller until now ..

First Impressions:
- Minimalist device
- Very easy to use and set-up
- Convenice of quickly switching through settings
- Price is just right for the support and performance that it provides

In regards to how it performs compared to a PC, I would say itís @#$% near perfect for what you get out of it and far exceeded my expectations on how it would actually performs.

Itís not perfectly 1:1 in mouse accuracy, which we all know, the only incident where I recognize this is if I were to flick to a target that is around mid to long range at times but it is very, very close that you can easily compensate and micro-adjust effortlessly to get back on target.

Overall, I would give this product a 10/10. The product itself is absolutely amazing and the fact that there is excellent customer support and community behind it justifies it being one of the best gaming related purchases that I have made.

Tip for users that are always asking about what the best settings or always changing their sensitivities because they believe that their aim is off because of the sensitivity:
- Find a base sensitivity settings to start with (Copy some top XIM players settings)
- Test the sensitivity, find objects around whatever game you may be playing, then flick/track/move your mouse and practice aiming and changing from target to target.. If youíre over passing your target lower your sensitivy a bit, if youíre short, go up a notch.
- Play around with different sensitivities, you wonít 100% be satisfied with a perfect sensitivity but you will narrow it down to a couple that you will find comfortable. Once you get to that point, just pick one and start playing .. you will adjust to it and become better with it once you start practicing with it.

Now I have a lot of experience with a mouse so it doesnít take long for me to find something that will work for me and I can see how someone who isnít as great with a mouse or is just starting out may not have the best aim to begin with to even accurately aim well enough to know if you need to adjust or not. In that case just find a base sensitivity and start playing.

Iím not trying to brag, but I could realistically play well with most of the sensitivity settings. I wonít be comfortable or play very well in the beginning, neither will you, but by practicing and getting used to the sensitivity you can build up to doing well with it.

Thanks again for the sweet device !

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Re: Feedback on the Apex as a Experienced PC Player (Day 2)
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Welcome to the community and thanks for your feedback!
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