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Need some guidance setting up Xim Apex + MagicNS for nintendo switch  (Read 3522 times)

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I recently purchased xim apex and MagicNS and I am trying to setup splatoon 2 for nintendo switch.
I was reading through this forum

but I don't understand where you copy paste the code or how to set it up.
Can anyone point me to where the tutorials are to set up xim apex and magicNS?
Is it even possible to do so with apex and magicNS?

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The way the devices are plugged in is mouse, keyboard controller > usb hub > xim apex > magic ns > switch. I've confirmed it working with an xbox one and ps4 pad but I had problems with an xbox 360 controller. As far as the paste codes you don't really need them. I had the best luck with the overwatch ST, mouse aim of 30, mouse x/y of 2.00 and creating a dummy alternate control profile to turn the view center button into a toggle.

Hope that helps.