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Tutorial - How To Remove Mouse Stutter  (Read 10104 times)

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Re: Tutorial - How To Remove Mouse Stutter
« Reply #15 on: 03:40 PM - 06/22/18 »
most of these tutorials drop to the second page within a week, but i can move them into the tutorial section as some sort archiving

Hey Mate,

I left a comment on your video but, just in case you may not get to it, I wanted to respond here as well.

Firstly, one knows one is doing something right when views to subscribers ratio areas 1 :). My question is about the conversion of sensitivity from Sync. Off to Common (according to the forum advise, sensitivities should be divided by 2).

Well, if I do that, then my sens is a way higher then expected. Am I doing it the correct way, or am I missing something?

Once again, great work on your tutorials. I've seen all of them and, all have a very high standard of information and clarity.


Hey, did you get my answer on youtube regarding that? You need to measure your 360 turn per cm it with a ruler, theres currently no other way :)

So even if i use a metal mousepad i should/could use a dpi between 3000 - 4000 if i wanna get 100 % sure that there is no stutter because of my  too high dpi? Is that correct?

yes, but a metal pad is usually save to use for very high dpis
you can go max dpi and make very slow micro movements, if you notice stutter then reduce the dpi :)
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