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Console Controller Crossover Curve adjust?  (Read 721 times)

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Re: Console Controller Crossover Curve adjust?
« Reply #15 on: 09:42 AM - 07/11/18 »
There was a reason we went with exponential over linear. Exponential was chosen because it had some properties that were better than the game's aiming system with linear. I'd like mist4fun to remind me what that was.

its the fact that expo never felt good to begin with. it has nothing to do with turn speeds, the ST used with expo does not mesh well with the AA in overwatch at all.  furthermore expo does NOT provide linear 1:1 movements, or at least it does not feel like PC, when attempting flicks or quick moving shots.

It was 1000000% easier to play widowmaker with linear. Everytime now I play another xim user who stomps me, they tell me they are using x4 with CCC.  So I'm getting stomped by people for upgrading my technology

Yes, we hear you. Help us understand on your other thread how such a feature can be added to APEX without making it harder and more confusing to use. I suggest you approach it in a constructive way.
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Re: Console Controller Crossover Curve adjust?
« Reply #16 on: 10:22 AM - 07/11/18 »
Sorry, I'm just seeing this now. Exponential Ramp was used instead of Linear Ramp because there is much more micro movement available compared to Linear Ramp. This is more prominent on PS4 than Xbox. Exponential Ramp is also made linear by the ST.
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Re: Console Controller Crossover Curve adjust?
« Reply #17 on: 11:53 AM - 07/11/18 »
All people want is a blank ST that is perfectly linear and allows for the user to create their own settings. On Xim4, the CCC could do this and many people used it with Overwatch in Linear mode using mouse and keyboard, only using that config due to the linear blank ST.

This was removed, and now there is no way blank ST config to use for these players.

Add a new config that is blank with a perfectly linear ST and the problem will be solved.
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