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Logitech G13 Thumbstick MOD * Super EZ * No Sanding. No Glue. No Mess  (Read 52245 times)

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Works fine ... just stick it on with a little "Sugru".

When I did it I removed the 3 tabs that hold it on to the xbox controller stick ( in case they might hit the G13's 2 switches next to the stick )

I also made a little bit more space in the Kontrol Freek's centre (underside) with a Dremel, to give the "Sugru" extra grip ... but you don't need to do this, it will hold fine with the "Sugru".

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Anyone know if the XB360 stick fits in this? Or does it have to be XB1?

What about PS3? I've got a bunch of broken Navs I can open up.
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Hi how is the glue working with the thumb stick also is there any way to use the RBG lights on the xim apex? thank you
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