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« Reply #15 on: 11:33 AM - 08/18/18 »
I'm having an issue on xbox one with fortnite where the key binds for crouch and for turning build structures is the same.  So if I'm in build mode and i crouch it turns my ramp.  Any suggestions on how to mitigate how annoying this is?

this is how the game was programmed, and yes its annoying and Epic should change that
theres not much that you can do, an option would be to completely remove or rebind the rotation option when in building mode however this can obviously cause problems when you have a need for that while being in combat
(also a setup like that can easily go out of sync which means your regular crouch button is either gone or switched while in infantry mode)
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« Reply #16 on: 05:32 PM - 08/18/18 »
I keep my bindings simple and in functional groups. I'm left-handed and use an Ergodox EZ, so these bindings aren't what I use, but are the approximate right-handed WASD equivalents.

Shoot / Wall (L2) : Left click
ADS / Stairs (R2) : Right click
Next Weapon / Floor (R1) : E / mouse 4
Prev Weapon / Roof (L1) : Q / mouse 5
Reload / Use (Square) : mousewheel up (set game to hold on tap to open boxes)
Pickaxe (Triangle) : mousewheel down
Jump (Cross) : Spacebar
Build (Circle) : Capslock
Crouch (R3) : V or B (something close to Spacebar)
Sprint (L3) : unbound (use in-game Sprint as default setting)

I won't bother with the d-pad / Inventory bindings - Ergodox has a very different layout than a traditional kb so I have these within reach of my thumb, again so I don't lift off WASD to hit them. Use whatever works here as precision timing isn't critical for these buttons.

The rationale is that the mouse performs all torso / head actions, while all movement and secondary actions are bound to kb. Every critical action is within one key of WASD, or one button of L/R click.

Shoot and ADS are always at the ready. You're never reloading while shooting, so wheelup is a safe bind. Likewise, swapping to pickaxe means you're not shooting at the time, so wheeldown works well.

Swapping weapons is handy on both mouse and kb for rapid response during an engagement. Don't bind these to wheelup / down, it's easy to scroll past the weapon you want to use.

My pinky is resting on Capslock (or would be if I was right-handed), so it's available to open Build without lifting from WASD. All fingers are available to build any piece on L or R click, mouse side buttons and/or Q & E.

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« Reply #17 on: 07:27 PM - 10/01/18 »
Hey I donít know if youíre still open to suggestions, but a lot of people gave great ideas.

 I am personally thinking about changing my setup completely. Hear me out.

Iím all about having my WASD completely free. The only other fingers that are free is PINKY and THUMB  those can access
-caps lock
-space bar
-left alt.

Iím thinking of using my right click as edit mode,
Left click as select the pieces
And then finally right click again to finalize the edit.

Iíve been trying it on Lshift, scroll down, F, G,  it just doesnít feel like I can go as fast

With right click, itís at the ready all the time. A lot of quick edits can determine your life in a battle.

Youíd have all the keys above I mentioned, free.

My theory is, ADS is usually a culprit in my deaths sometimes because bloom is so bad, I actually have better luck HIP firing most of my shots. AR, SMG, shot guns. Doesnít matter. Unless theyíre super far distance.

Iíve yet to try this, itís a little unorthodox but Iím thinking it might be pretty quick.
And reset can be scroll down since itís all right there.

I might try it and let you know.
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« Reply #18 on: 09:47 AM - 10/07/18 »
I just got my apex yesterday for my ps4.
And Iím trying to understand a few things.

First... what is the ďsyncĒ function and what does it do exactly?

Second, why doesnít the apex allow for builder pro commands? It seems to be stuck with old school controls.

And even if I plug the keypad directly into the PS4 and set controls to builder pro, it lets my select each of the 4 build pieces with a separate key for each... but then I still have to press a second place build button to put the item down rather that using the piece select button to do it like I would with the controller.

sync will adjust the framerate synchronization of your xim with the game
common is for 60fps games, slow for 30fps games and default for ~120fps

the xim allows you to bind builder pro too, but due to the size of the xim manager it cannot list all actions
therefore look at the controller layout picture in the game and bind your xim manager buttons accordingly
using the secondary button layout at the bottom of your xim manager (when expert mode is ticked) can also help to bind all the building buttons

having to press the build button prior to actually building is how console fortnite works, as long as you play with a controller then there isnt really any way to remove that (with the exception of running building scripts with eg xim link or a titan two)

Wait wait wait, so I can use the secondary action list to put my floors,walls, ramps? But if itís secondary itíll be performing the first action first then trying to do the second. I.E reload/ramp or crouch/pyramid

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« Reply #19 on: 09:59 AM - 10/07/18 »
ďsync will adjust the framerate synchronization of your xim with the game
common is for 60fps games, slow for 30fps games and default for ~120fps

If sync is on 120fps will that cause rendering issues on fortnite?