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Randomly my mouse / keyboard disconnect and reconnect xim link  (Read 84 times)

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Hi folks,

iam using xim link a long time
now i got like a week or days some trouble
randomly my computer makes a noice *ding* that sound when u put a usb stick in and out. u know ?
and my mouse / keyboard works like 1 second not and then it works again.

with xim link i got this ingame too .

what can i do that i can fixes this .

dont know why my computer this doing now ?

but keyboard and mouse on usb 3.0 ? or 2.0

dont know what the solution is

edit : it happens after i installed windows 10 and then i go back to windows 7
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Does this happen also without the Link on your PC?
Could be faulty USB connection between your PC and one of your keyboards/ mice.