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Looking for Xim Users to play with on Xbox One and Xbox 360  (Read 148 times)

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I don't have many Xbox Live friends, cause unlike Steam, nobody just randomly sends friend requests on Xbox. I'm not just looking for someone to do comp with in Overwatch or team based games, but also am looking for someone to just have fun gaming with cause my current 2 friends aren't always online.

Games I play (XB1)
Overwatch - (Lvl 39 with 2514SR in DM, have not tried real Comp yet)
Paladins - (lvl 12, no comp rank yet)
Titanfall - (lvl 26)

Games I Play (XB360) Keep in mind I'll need to buy a wired XB360 controller first
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - (don't remember my level)
Battlefield 3 - (Don't remember my level)
Battlefield 4 - (lvl 7 I think????)
Call of Duty 4 - (Prestige 1 Lvl 30-ish)
Call of Duty MW2 - (Somewhere around lvl10.... Dunno)
Call of Duty MW3 - (lvl 4-5 maybe?)
Gears of War 1 - (Haven't played online, cause nobody seems to play online)
Halo 4 - (SR15, haven't played much ever since I got my adapter, probably will play more after I buy a wired controller)
TC Rainbow Six Vegas 1 - (Nobody seems to play this game online anymore)

Will probably get more games as I'm a big collector. If you have a PS3 or are on PSN then also check out my post on the Playstation discussion I'll be posting after this one, I have a list of my PS3 games there and I have literally no friends on PS3 so....  Oh, and feel free to search me on steam and add me, I play PC way more than I do console.
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