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Red Dragon K552 review ADZ gaming  (Read 671 times)

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Red Dragon K552 review ADZ gaming
« on: 01:54 PM - 05/28/18 »
Review of red Dragon K552 keyboard


This keyboard came to me from ADZ gaming Xim' s UK supplier of the Apex and other gaming hardware

First thing you notice when taking the keyboard out the box is the weight of this beast.  It has no bend to it all all even when pressure applies (yes I tried). More weight = built to last

You can tell straight away itís built to last, id say itís the Tank equivalent of a keyboard lol.  Iíve used this keyboard for a while now and love it, previously I had a non mechanical keyboard with the num pad.

Since I donít use any of the keys I wanted a keyboard that dosnt have a num pad to save on space.

  Itís has a red lighting setting which you can the adjust the brightness but not the colour.  It has cherry green equivalent switches, a really good audio click when the keys are pressed, the click can annoy people but  it dosnt bother me.  It can be heard in party chat but itís not like itís cancelling anything other noise out, if you want a keyboard that lets you know youíve definitely pressed the key this is the one you want.

You can also swap over the WASD keys with the Arrow keys if your a lefty and like the WASD setup. Itís also splash proof and all the keys are easily removed for cleaning, it also comes with a key puller to make it even easier.

I canít say it will improve your game because a keyboard is a keyboard but I like it, if I had a choice between a standard keyboard and this it would be this 100% of the time.  If I had to change one thing it would be to have more colour schemes to the lighting but there are other models from the reddragon range that has more colours, thereís even a round key setup that looks like an old typewriter if you like that kind of thing.

Good weight so dosnt move about
A good audible click so you know you have pressed the keys
Splash proof
Cherry green equivalent switches
Keys can be moved about in any configuration (good for lefties)
Well priced

The I canít really say anything bad about it, only thing I could say is the click noise you get from the Keys but thatís all preference if you like it or not.  You can but rubber o rings to fit under the keys to damping the click.  It only has 1 colour scheme but other models do have other colours.

Thanks again to ADZ gaming for letting me review the keyboard (even though itís been a while lol)

And it works with the Xim

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Re: Red Dragon K552 review ADZ gaming
« Reply #1 on: 05:14 AM - 06/06/18 »
Amigo yo tengo el mismo pack de teclado mouse y pad y la verdad el teclado es una maravilla quť opinas del mouse??? Yo tengo el que viene en el pack y un Edge 101 optical gaming mouse  el que viene con el pack reciťn ahora lo estoy usando para notar sus diferencias