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[Q/A] Why is the original synchronization off option so slow?  (Read 302 times)

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Its definetly my favorite most consistent option, but why is it insanely slow? I can play on 100 or lower in app sens with every other option but even if I maxed that out to 500 it would be super slow. The only people using it are 12k dpi or over, a couple at 10k but that's it. I got rid of my 12k dpi mouse to play at 4k dpi cause I've been hearing that's the best but now I cant use this sync option anymore
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Re: Why is the original synchronization off option so slow?
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The sensitivity scale is different between sync settings. If you're unable to use off you will need to acquire a mouse with more DPI. Sensitivity conversion between Synchronize settings:

Default/Off > Common: 2 | Slow: 4

Common > Default/Off: x2 | Slow: 2

Slow > Default/Off: x4 | Common: x2
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