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Xim4 vs Xim Apex peformance and pre order?  (Read 4343 times)

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Xim4 vs Xim Apex peformance and pre order?
« on: 12:16 PM - 01/03/18 »
Hi guys,

you know, my english is not the best one, and i opened this threat for questions about
Xim4 and the new Xim Apex performance...im sorry if i opened a double threat..

i bought the Xim4 a few month ago and i have a lot of fun, on an ps4 normal version...
i readed some about the new apex, the 8ms vs 1ms make me worry, as new feature?

Is it so, that this MS lower make a feeling different for me? i readed the ps4 runs with
4ms, the xim4 with 8ms...so there is an lost, but how much performance in % are more
avaiable with the apex?

Wanna know, if the new Apex is good for me to buy this?

And is there a list, where i can sign up for a pre order?

Thx a lot...
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Re: Xim4 vs Xim Apex peformance and pre order?
« Reply #1 on: 02:05 PM - 01/03/18 »
obsiv lately mentioned that the difference between 1000hz and 125hz is very noticeable, also while the ps4 runs 250hz you can enfore it to run 1000hz which eg adapters like the titan one do

preorder or waiting lists have not been announced yet
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