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Recommendation on USB Hubs - Be aware.  (Read 494 times)

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Recommendation on USB Hubs - Be aware.
« on: 02:23 PM - 05/29/18 »
This thread is more like a recommendation, if you want your USB devices last longer.

Talking only on powered USB Hubs 2.0  that we use for our XIMs.

Nowadays most USB Hubs work as charging stations.

Meaning, while are connected to a PC and the PC is turned off the USB ports still are delivering voltage to your devices.

Same with our XIMs, not problem while playing and have your console turned on. When turned off voltage still is delivered to your mouse, keyboard, nav, etc. This is not healthy for your electronics, put strain and wear that can impact on its life span, and if a very powerful electric surge pass-through can damage your devices.

Back in 2008, most USB Hubs used a different circuitry. When you turn off the device they were connected to, slowly discharge and stop delivering voltage on its stand-by state (no charging stations).

If you are using a non-powered hub like XIM APEX Hub, don't worry. However if you use a AC power adaptor with APEX Hub it will turn a hub charging station, voltage will be delivered on stand-by mode.

Is hard to find a Hub that works like the older ones... I just got a D-Link same... works great for XIM but, its a charging station too. Find one very cheap with individual switches, switch on off and voltage is cut. Only my good old Logitech Alto Connect has a USB 2.0 that works that should be.

Well I'm rambling, I hope this info be useful for you and if you find and know about a USB Hub that works properly, please share.
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