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Just Got My XIM Apex today OMG  (Read 215 times)

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Just Got My XIM Apex today OMG
« on: 01:27 PM - 05/28/18 »
Just got my XIM Apex today and OMG this is the real deal :). Love it and thank you for creating such an awesome product well worth the $124 I paid for it as had to order off Amazon as the official store has been out of stock. Got it along with a cable so I can use XIM Link along with it and such an awesome setup. this is not  excatly 100% PC like but its is VERY close and now I am able to comfortably play certain games on my consoles I just could not play that well with a controller as I am coming from PC gaming and some games are just NOT made with controllers in mind even on console . Again thank you for creating XIM :)

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Re: Just Got My XIM Apex today OMG
« Reply #1 on: 04:49 PM - 05/28/18 »
Thanks for the feedback!
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