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Request for games support  (Read 184 times)

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Request for games support
« on: 01:41 AM - 05/23/18 »

First one i asking for support for Uncharted 3 Remastered on PS4
(it's part of the Uncharted the nathan drake collection)

You have support for the PS3 version. but the PS4 version have different key arrangement.
They made one key arrangemen for the 3 games of uncharted that included on the collection. (it will help also for those who want to use it for the first 2 games that you are not supporting for your reasons)


The Second one is a setting that is not defined for a particular game, in which the use of the mouse is disabled and the control is only given to the keyboard (for those who want to use the product for games that do not include mouse. like racing games)

I know that you are supporting only game that are benefit from the precision, but you can give us one setting that we will choose in it the key mapping only. it's not require too much checking.

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Re: Request for games support
« Reply #1 on: 10:49 AM - 05/23/18 »
For the second one just use any standard translator and assign the keys. No specific ST needed.
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