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[Q/A] CoD scorestreaks low sensitivity  (Read 118 times)

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[Q/A] CoD scorestreaks low sensitivity
« on: 03:44 PM - 05/16/18 »
Hello, my xim works well, but when im playing cod, my sens when i get inside a scorestreak is so much lower then outside the streak. I have 12000 dpi, 5 sens and 2 aim sens, that is high, but as i said when i go into (for example) a Talon or fighter pilot my sens is just extremely low. Please help. Tank you.
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Re: CoD scorestreaks low sensitivity
« Reply #1 on: 03:48 PM - 05/16/18 »
Some games change the look mechanic for different cameras, for example hip, ads, vehicles, turrets usually have different look mechanics. You may need to create and switch to an AUX page with increased sensitivity when using scorestreaks. AUX pages can be enabled by turning expert mode on in menu-global settings. An alternative is to pick up the controller for these events.
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