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How people looking to buy a new mouse  (Read 213 times)

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How people looking to buy a new mouse
« on: 01:17 AM - 05/13/18 »
Honestly at first I thought the g502 was the best on the market but I seen some people talking about the Logitech g pro like anthesis I think and someone else and I did some research on it and here are the pros and cons compared to g502

G pro

-Weight-83 grams really light.                                               

-Best sensor on the market apparently pmw-3366

-Great shape

-Can be used for both left hand and right handed
People besides side buttons only right hand


2 side buttons all I can think of.

Logitech g502

-12 programmable buttons

-pmw 3366 sensor same as g pro

-Unique shape



-121 grams without weights

-Only usable for right handed people

This is my comparison between g pro and Logitech g502 please let me know if I missed something.

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Re: How people looking to buy a new mouse
« Reply #1 on: 03:06 AM - 05/13/18 »
G Pro has 8 buttons, so it's not lacking in that department...if you're right-handed. I'm left-handed and despite my inability to use the left side-buttons in any meaningful way, it feels so good in the hand and tracks so well that I still rate it higher than any of the other 20+ mice I own.

There are tech things going on under the hood that I don't really care about, like native sensor resolution, smoothing etc that make the G Pro, as well as the G102, G203 & G303, some of the best gaming mice for Xim. But what makes the G Pro so good for me is that it's a small mouse that suits fingertip grip, which I far prefer over palm grip. That's really all there is to it.

Fingertip vs palm grip is like the difference between a fine-tipped pencil and a crayon, or a scalpel and a chisel. Using fine motor control (fingers & wrist) is IMHO, far better than gross motor skill (elbow & shoulder) for aiming. We have significantly more wiring into our fingers that anywhere else in the body, so use it.

To each their own, there's nothing wrong with any grip or mouse size, but I've just never liked bigger mice and aim better with a smaller, lighter mouse. If you prefer palm grip, then stick to bigger mice like G502 or G900. But if you're on the fence, get a mouse for each grip and figure out what works best for you.

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