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destiny 2 sniping setup (tried different curves/searching):  (Read 195 times)

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for some reason i bought the newest expansion after vowing to never again play this garbage game, so i'm j/w if anyone could share their setups, esp. for sniping. ideally i'd like to also use a hand cannon, followed by pulse/scout in that order, so feedback on hip profiles would be helpful too.

i tried to start with RML's most recent settings, but they feel pretty terrible, especially when trying to ADS (hip is better, but still not great). FWIW, although i did match his DPI (iirc, 4000), i am using a different mouse, so something might have gotten lost in translation. the biggest problem i run into with this curve is that my aim feels waaay too sticky -- in terms of both being pulled too strongly onto different targets as i aim, and then once i do start to track a specific target, i still feel like i have to fight really hard against the AA.

i'm currently using dr lupo's settings for a baseline & trying to dial it in from there. i appreciate any input you can give, especially re: curves, polling rate/dpi/boost, and especially for sniping. and i guess lastly i should mention that i have tried going without any curves. i used something close to the default xim settings for the first few months after the game came out, but the problem i always found with that setup was that i couldn't "flick" my aim quickly without cranking my sensitivity/dpi, which worked OK for primary weapons, but would feel way too fast when sniping.