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Apex - Aiming & Turning with Mouse feels very imprecise and delayed- Help needed  (Read 1961 times)

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So I own the Xim Apex since over a month and I am toying with it daily every since.
I use a Logitech G603 Wireless Gaming Mouse with Lightspeed Adapter and 12k DPI & 1000Mhz and a Logitech K330 Wireless Keyboard.
I mainly play Call of Duty Games. I tried a magnitude of DPI, Poll Rate, Sensitivity, Sync, Smoothing Settings and Game Profiles.
But the mouse controls always have a lag / delay that make the look & ads aiming feel super imprecise and thus the whole experience enjoyable and not fun. It isn't possible for me to adapt. I'm at my wit's end.

The higher the sensitvity I set in the Apex Manager, the less precise the mouse look & aim gets.  :(
It is less pronounced with very low sensitivity, but then I can stick to the controller.

It seems like the delay is built into the game (CALL OF DUTY WWII) itself, I just never noticed it that much since I found thumbstick controls to be imprecise by nature. Some COD entries like the Infinity Ward games (Modern Warfare Remastered, Ghosts) are a bit more responsive but are essentially the same.

It feels more like analog stick controls with a mouse and keyboard than proper pc aiming & precision. I knew there would be limitations because you can disable Vertical Synchronization and unlock framerate limits on pc, but this feels like a bad imitation. I play FPS games on PC since the lates 90s.

It is not the input lag by my TV. I set it to game mode & when I connect my PC to it and play COD it is fine. Even with a cheap 5$ office mouse.

Yes, it works but it doesn't feel good. I don't want to insult your hard work in research & programming at all. I want to know if I can do something about it. So can a veteran give me configuration assisstance?

Another question: Why is this forum so strongly protected with repatcha and 3 questions to answer for every post? This is a huge pita. Smaller and bigger forums don't have this level of "anti-spam" measurements. Can users get verified so they don't have to do this every time they want to post something?

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I can't comment on the captcha choice but the requirement does go away after ten posts. The delayed feeling you talk about, is this while turning? Do you see fast red flashing lights on APEX when you feel this?
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What you're experiencing isn't normal and the only factor that is uncommon with typical Xim usage is your wireless devices, which by nature are inherently laggy and subject to environmental interference.

You can try to move the wireless receiver closer to your mouse and keyboard. And if you have the option, try your mouse wired to the console. I'd also recommend trying a wired mouse and keyboard, if you have the option, to see if the same symptoms arise.

CoD in particular is as close to PC gaming as we can get on a Xim, so you need to look at your mouse, keyboard and TV as the potential sources of your lag as your experience doesn't mirror that of the vast majority of Xim users.

In the end, console gaming is not PC gaming and there are differences between mouse look mechanics (based on distance) and analogue controller look mechanics (based on velocity). Xim translates mouse movement into analogue coordinates and does a superb job of it. If 99% isn't close enough for you, stick to PC gaming.
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