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1kHz+30Hz Half-Sync still my fav combo for 60FPS. Awaiting 15Hz sync for 30FPS.  (Read 531 times)

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I was a fan of polling native 125Hz on XB1 long before purchasing a XIM. The added burst that lower Hz provides deals with aim-assist better, imo and it more than makes up for the higher latency.

I love the synchronization functionality that APEX provides because it allows me to poll my mouse at 1kHz without the negatives. The XIM receives the highest possible resolution while simultaneously utilizing a lower synchronization value for the game's input loop.

Best of all, I am able to 30Hz synchronize while running 60Hz titles. 1kHz mouse & XIM polling plus half-sync is fantastic. This is my preferred combo.

It's even more fluid than 1kHz without sync and almost as responsive. My favorite reason for half-synchronizing is because it is a wonderful timing mechanism. The lowest possible sync gives the highest possible burst which makes tracking through aim-assist super easy. It always ensures that I likely will not underaim when approaching the aim-assist bubble and it's also a great overaim governor.

I love the fact that I can just relax let my mouse flow without overthinking the bubble.

I have requested that a super-slow 15Hz synchronization option be supported in the future in order to allow for half-sync while running 30Hz titles and I am still hopeful for this to be acknowledged and implemented.
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Did you test this type of config on Battlefield 1? What is your config for the Logitech G502?