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TOGGLE 'Aim Down the Site' Key?  (Read 5969 times)

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TOGGLE 'Aim Down the Site' Key?
« on: 07:27 AM - 04/28/18 »
To make it easy this life long PC Gamer's 1st XBOX One game was the Remastered Version of COD4 (Modern Warfare). The Apex works great and I had no problems setting it up. However, I have problems on some key designations. On PC 'C' was my 'Crouch' and 'X' was my Prone but there wasn't a Prone on the XIM Apex App. Luckily my young son who is an avid XBOX player suggested I just hold 'C' down and that might be Prone. It was! On PC I always only use the ('TOGGLE' Aim Down the Site) which I designated the Middle Mouse button for. On the XIM Apex App there is no 'TOGGLE'. Only the Aim Down the Site. Is there anyway to have a TOGGLE Aim Down the Site?  Also. Is there a way to designate a 'Lean'  right and 'Lean' left key? Thank you.
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Re: TOGGLE 'Aim Down the Site' Key?
« Reply #1 on: 08:50 AM - 04/28/18 »
Welcome to the community. Concerning enabling toggle ADS for a game that doesn't natively support it, you can go into Expert Config mode in Manager and under ADS Activation you can enable Toggle instead of Hold. Then, under that expand the "..." to set Deactivation keys to force your XIM APEX out of ADS when other keys are pressed that cause ADS to cancel in game (such as reload or change weapons).
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