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[Overwatch] Discussion - Xim Sensitivity (Closest to 1:1 As possible)  (Read 318 times)

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Hey Guys, I have been using my XIM4 for around half a year now mostly on Overwatch. I find myself using tracking heros mostly, tracer/soldier/zarya and was wondering the best way to translate my Ideal PC sensitivity into my XIM settings?

My PC mouse settings are:
1000 polling rate
1400 DPI
5 Hero Sensitivity (usually, depending on how I feel)

I have dabbled with 12k dpi on Xim but feel it is very inconsistent with how I play, unsure why but lower dpi and higher Xim sensitivity seems to give me smoother aiming movement.

Are there any setup suggestions regarding how I can translate my PC settings to Xim?

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Go into practice range on pc and measure out how much to do say a 180 or 360 on your mousepad. Then do same with xim just adjusting sensitivity.
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PC is very different to console gaming in terms of mouse aim mechanics, so there's no direct translation.

Using less than 3000 DPI on a Xim is ill-advised as it's likely to induce interpolation and pixel-skipping. At the absolute minimum, 1400 DPI should be ok, but  a minimum of 3200 DPI is preferable.

As per the previous post, the simplest method is to roughly measure your 360 on a mousepad and adjust Xim's sensitivity to match it as closely as possible. Keep in mind that console games have acceleration and turn speed limits, so do it at a pace that won't exceed the max turn speed.

Also, in-game sensitivity should be maxed on console. Overwatch also has game-specific settings. Refer to the Game Settings thread in the Game Support sub-forum for more info.