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[Request] Super-Slow 15Hz Sync option.  (Read 524 times)

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[Request] Super-Slow 15Hz Sync option.
« on: 03:44 AM - 04/23/18 »
TEAM XIM probably never considered this but there are scenarios in which other users and I prefer to run 30Hz SLOW Sync preset in order to half-sync for 60FPS titles but there's currently no way to do so for 30FPS titles. If you wouldn't mind adding this with a future update that would be excellent.

Also, perhaps at some point providing full-control over this value at the user-level with the option to adjust this in increments of 1 via either Expert mode or an additional tier above expert.

You have already unlocked and provided the frame-sync feature so might as well allow it to be utilized to its fullest potential.

At the very least the additional 15Hz sync preset would suffice by providing uniformity of the offerings at either framerate.

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