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Fortnite most efficient and flowy possible building settings (discussion)  (Read 329 times)

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Hello. Ever since the new “builder pro” update, i have been thinking, and would like someone to confirm this.

For fortnite, i have been using Q (go left) and E (go right) to access inventory and build stuff, and i have had the button on side of mouse to access build mode. But if i remove it so Q and E only move right and left in weapons, and in build mode make Q walls, E stairs, and F Floors, would it work perfectly like pc, except you only have to actually enter build mode?

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yup, toggle Build Mode is a console limitation. Even with scripts you need to press it to get out of build mode and back to combat mode(weapon or pick axe)
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You can create a toggled profile that is activated by your build mode button that changes your key binds. That will do what you described. It will not, however, track whether you are editing buildings and such. So it will get out of sync, so add deactivation keys like your triangle button and such.

To get true PC-Like building you need a transfer cable and Link or a Titan or something.
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