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1ms vs 5ms monitor  (Read 283 times)

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1ms vs 5ms monitor
« on: 05:42 AM - 04/07/18 »
Does this affect the performance of the XIM4? My friend has 1ms and I got 5ms... I think for the total feeling it does make a difference as far I tried on his monitor.

I mostly play Battlefield 1. I am planning to buy 1ms if it really does.

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Re: 1ms vs 5ms monitor
« Reply #1 on: 01:54 PM - 04/11/18 »
for me it did check database of displaylag.com there are different 1ms monitors with different input lag timing so ms is not the only factor that determines input lag
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Re: 1ms vs 5ms monitor
« Reply #2 on: 04:17 PM - 04/11/18 »
Your monitor does not affect your XIM in any way.

The difference between 1ms and 5 is negligible. Like camera sensor pixel numbers itís just marketing speil. Buying a new monitor just to improve the response rate by such a minscule amount would be a bad buying decision.
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