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XIM Link Video Tutorial - Everything You Need To Know  (Read 8788 times)

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Re: XIM Link Video Tutorial - Everything You Need To Know
« Reply #15 on: 10:00 AM - 05/03/18 »
you can use both, either your synapse macro function or autohotkey

the advantage of autohotkey is that you can write much more complex macros, also all your other gaming devices such as your mouse will work with the macro
if your synapse macro function doesnt allow you to properly do what you want i would suggest you to try autohotkey
(you should use button press times and pause times of around 40-50 milliseconds to make sure the game recognizes the input)

Gotcha! Belkin easy transfer cable comes today. I'll make sure to play around with software and autohotkey for the next few days. THANKS!
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