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[Q/A] Mouse Movement Slow  (Read 1797 times)

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Re: [Q/A] Mouse Movement Slow
« Reply #15 on: 10:32 AM - 03/30/18 »
It didnt let me update earlier, but after updating and switching to common it worked! Thank you! But the apex shouldnt come out of the box bad, especially without informing you can update your apex. It was unusable, also some recommendation is you guys should add Friday the 13th and sea of thieves to your list. Thank you for helping
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Re: [Q/A] Mouse Movement Slow
« Reply #16 on: 10:35 AM - 03/30/18 »
The stock settings actually don't come with the issue you were experiencing. The response rate is set to 125hz by default and it's only when this is increased beyond 125hz that a higher sensitivity is needed for equivalent movement at a lower response rate. Thanks for testing the beta build though, be sure to read into the synchronize settings. The optimal synchronize setting may vary from game to game or by personal preference.

Friday the 13th has been low priority due to it not requiring the precision of a mouse. It also has a lot of wheel actions that can give mouse users a tough time. Sea of Thieves support is almost available though and is expected to be out this week is out now. To manually update go to menu-global settings to force a library update.
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