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My review on the xim apex after using it for weeks.  (Read 321 times)

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I got the apex initally to play with keyboard and mouse. The keyboard and mouse is extremly smooth and feels nice. Definetly the best mouse and keyboard adapter out there. But since I still play pc very often it feels weird having to move slow with the mouse to move fast in game because im so use to flicking (I know this is because of the games max sensitivity). I play personally xbox one and do not like the controller so since im so use too flicking i just decided to play xbox with a controller. I do really like the ps4 controller so i used the cross controller support and it feels even smoother then the cronus which their main thing is on cross controller. Im suprised on how good the cross controller support is you should honestly advertise that a bit more along with the keyboard and mouse support. Overall 10/10

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Re: My review on the xim apex after using it for weeks.
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Thanks for your feedback!
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