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XIM APEX Doesn't Recognize Turtle Beach Headset Adapter Sometimes  (Read 571 times)

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It's a XO One headset with the adapter to quickly mute or adjust game/chat volume on the fly. Sometimes it works fine and then sometimes when the xim is restarted or the xbox is restarted it just doesn't recognize it. I have to disconnect/reconnect the controller and then start wiggling and reseating the aux cord and then the audio picks up. Sometimes all the lights on the adapter will be stuck on. Its gotta be a bug or something because sometimes  it works. Maybe its a power issue idk. I saw one other person had a prob with his xo one but i couldn't find the thread again with the search tool. Anyone else having problems with headset adapters?

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Sometimes the controller has issues detecting audio when connected at startup. To solve this start your APEX without the audio setup then once finished starting up attach the audio setup.

This doesn't appear to be an issue for users who have the Microsoft stereo adapter.
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