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Lower DPI better - New BETA experience  (Read 1975 times)

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Re: Lower DPI better - New BETA experience
« Reply #15 on: 02:53 PM - 03/18/18 »
textured hard pad, 5000 dpi on roccat, 5600 on logitech, 4500 razer no matter what game, these are my personal sweet spots. not as low as antithesis, but for the same reasons: lets me tweak AA easier i think. im a 1600 dpi player on pc though, which is a little high/weird compared to most. no two people will love the same thing, but its worth tweaking and not ignoring what feels better. even if its not actually better, if youre more comfortable, that will make you better.

And here I am, playing Battlefield on pc at 450dpi and 5% sensitivity... (Very very low)

Then I play Battlefield on Xbox and I'm at 12k dpi and just a few inches for a 360...

Wow that is low! I'm 8% 400dpi on pc (used to be lower). But more then twice that on console

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Re: Lower DPI better - New BETA experience
« Reply #16 on: 05:44 PM - 03/18/18 »
Installed the latest BETA last night which has some new settings to tweak the feeling of the Look mechanism. I forgot to change my mouse from 3800DPI to 12000DPI and made all my sensitivities align to the lower DPI. Lo and behold I found my longer distance aiming to improve. Not sniping, this is using a Medic rifle in BF1, scoped in 2x to long distance targets. Played about 6-8 rounds so far at the lower DPI.

I have to play more to test everything else out about it but is this normal? I used 12K DPI from day 1 with the APEX and thought it would be advantageous to do so.

Anybody else go from a higher to lower dpi and find success?
    can you post your bf1 settings please

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Re: Lower DPI better - New BETA experience
« Reply #17 on: 05:48 PM - 03/18/18 »
I stated more than once, 3200 dpi to 4000 dpi is the sweet point for XIM, for optical sensors.

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Re: Lower DPI better - New BETA experience
« Reply #18 on: 04:50 AM - 03/19/18 »
I stated more than once...
Must be true then.

Where's HL3?

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Re: Lower DPI better - New BETA experience
« Reply #19 on: 07:57 AM - 03/19/18 »
My G502 optical sensor must be special, because it rocks at 12k DPI with 0 issues. When some people were complaining of jitter and movement, I never saw it. I haven't needed smoothing or boost, except to play around with the settings to see what effect they had. I was reading a post from one of the mods, and he was stating that all the optical sensors, even on the same mouse were not performing the same.

 In BF1 I can snipe and battle up close and it makes no difference, as my aim is perfect at every distance. Maybe its the Razer Razer Goliathus mouse-pad I'm using too.

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