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XIM APEX [Firmware 20180314] (**BETA EX1**)  (Read 10467 times)

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XIM APEX [Firmware 20180314] (**BETA EX1**)
« on: 11:49 PM - 03/14/18 »
This is our second "experimental" Beta build: EX1

The purpose of this build is for the community to try out new experimental features and provide feedback. This feedback will be used to guide future development.

This build adds a new setting to Advanced Mouse settings called: Framerate Sync. The purpose of this setting is to allow customization of how mouse translation interacts the game's input processing cadence.

There is no new version of Manager for this build (it works with any version), so, this firmware uses the Boost setting to control Framerate Sync.

Here are all the values you can use:

Setting Boost to 0 sets Framerate-Sync to 120fps (this is equivalent to XIM4, default value)
Setting Boost to 1 sets Framerate-Sync to 60fps (this is what is used in BETA EX0)
Setting Boost to 2 sets Framerate-Sync to 30fps
Setting Boost to 3 sets Framerate-Sync to Immediate (this is what is used in all other XIM APEX firmwares)

Framerate-Sync is a hint to XIM APEX and doesn't have to match the actual framerate of the game (although you can now). Exposing this is a new concept for XIM as all versions prior to XIM APEX always used 120fps since it generally felt the best for all games. Whenever you change this value, you will need to adjust your Sensitivity.

Please provide feedback on what games are you playing with this build and what response rate you are using. And, of course, how aiming feels to you (stability, jitter, etc.).

Firmware update tool is currently only available on PC: XIMAPEXFlash-20180314-PC-BETA-EX1 Tool
Get the most out of your XIM APEX, read the XIM APEX Support FAQ.