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XIM Apex llegó a México - My review and thoughts  (Read 914 times)

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 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Finally the journey is over and a new one begins!.

I was very lucky to place my order at launch, but I knew a long wait was coming because I have to deal with the Import procedure, that can be very messy, slow, some cases even the customs mess up your goods or put on hold indefinitely.

Thank God, it pass the border paying legit duties came in one piece (ok two Apex and Hub LoL), and arrived 4 days earlier than expected.

I had enough time to learn about the transition to Apex from XIM4, all the singularities with Polling Rate and Smoothing.

Even though I'm experience XIM4 user, I did follow the Quick Start Guide, Polling Rate and Expert mode guides.

I experience a seamless transition, downloaded the XIM Apex App, plug all together connected the Apex to my PS4 Pro, apex button paired with my iPhone. I create ST for my go to game, converted the sensitivity from 10.5 to 84 (x8 for 1KHz polling rate) tried several smoothing settings being 4 the one works all right for me, and that's it.

Then I went to my practice range and kill some bots, I did sensitivity drills, mouting my test bench (servo rails lego apparatus to move the mouse 360°) to find out and analyse the performance of Apex, was very curious to find out the 1000 KHz polling rate... and OBsIV and devs, what you have done is AWESOME, magnifique piece of hardware you guys create.

I can tell the difference between native mouse input, XIM4 translate joystick input on its boundaries yet doing a fantastic job. However, in some games I have to use XIM4 with advance settings and ballistic curves to combat the Aim Assist bubble, not entirely convinced of doing it because I'm old PC player and 1:1 no acceleration is what I want... and I'm greatly confirm: XIM Apex delivers.

So if you are a XIM4 user, a little with hesitation on do it the upgrade I will say: is completely worth it. I had to pay almost 2x its price, wait more for its deliver than people from other continent and yet... I will say is money well spent. Don't let some threads with issues discourage you, keep in mind almost all of them are from new users.

It will give you the edge, a higher KD, be a better player?... I don't think so, that comes to your own mindset mostly and how your brain can react and control as you wish... Apex is offering you the best, accurate and responsive input you can get.


Muchas Gracias OBsIV, mist4fun, RML, antithesis and all the beta testers for make this reality.

From my part you can count with me and my humble participation to help this community.

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Re: XIM Apex llegó a México - My review and thoughts
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Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you are enjoying your XIM APEX. :)
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