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Need help with xim4 for black ops 3  (Read 160 times)

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Need help with xim4 for black ops 3
« on: 09:19 AM - 03/12/18 »
bought a xim4 about 1 week ago and I can feel the aim assist, but feel like I am not snapping quick enough on to people and am missing my shots too often, I have mastered the movement and stuff for bo3 just feel like it could be my internet as I shoot all my bullets on target - using a random keyboard from amazon, but have a g502 logitech mouse with 12000 dpi and 1000hz (got told this is the best) and using a 10 sensitivity and 5 ads sensitivity? can anyone help or do I need to upgrade to the xim apex maybe

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Re: Need help with xim4 for black ops 3
« Reply #1 on: 01:41 PM - 03/12/18 »
Welcome to the community. It's hard to say, you could try the steady aim feature in mouse advanced. I would also try turning aim assist off in the game settings. There are CoD curve threads that people use to combat aim assist in game support as well. Try using the forum's search feature pointed at the xim4 game support section for ideas.
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