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XIM Apex feedback  (Read 171 times)

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XIM Apex feedback
« on: 06:46 AM - 03/10/18 »
Hi All.

So I've had the Apex for a week but have been away until yesterday so id say I've had 4/5 hours experience.

Firstly, it wasn't easy to attain - eventually getting it from ADZ. Now I've got it I can see why it was hard to attain, the demand must be huge. I used to play loads of CS 1.6 many years ago and I was slightly worried that the Apex wouldn't compare to this, I'm glad to say I couldn't of been more wrong. My old PC experience has helped alot as it feels so natural to me even though I'm going back 8 years plus.

My setup: G502, G105, Logitech cloth pad, ASUS monitor, PS4 Pro.
1000Hz, 12kDPI, updated to Beta firmware.

I've tried 3 games so far - WW2 BF1 & Fortnite.
I'm not he biggest fan of fortnite but I'd still give that 8/10 for performance of the Apex. BF1 and ww2 are incredible on the Apex - 10/10 all day long. I've read alot of posts on here complaining or asking for support, all I will say is follow the instructional videos and you can't really go wrong. The Apex Manager app works a treat, enabling me to change settings on the fly and has worked flawlessly for me so far.

I can honestly say for as long as OBsIV and his team are developing and supporting this product I will never use a controller again, unless I'm on FIFA of course! For anyone into their FPS games I cannot recommend this highly enough.

10/10 to XIM Tech, absolutely over the moon with how this has performed. Well worth the investment. I'd love to be critical and offer some ideas but honestly I'd be making it up the Apex is perfect.  :)