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Buying new mouse/keyboard  (Read 794 times)

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Buying new mouse/keyboard
« on: 01:50 PM - 03/09/18 »
Hey there Iím new to xim
And I ordered xim apex
Now for my pc I have old connections (purple/green)
I never used gaming stuff on my pc
So I really donít know anything about mouse and keyboards

Iím trying to get the best , price is not the issue

I was thinking on Logitech g903 only because I saw a lot of people here say that Logitech is the best for xim apex
I donít know if itís true but Iím here to ask

So please recommend me a mouse and a keyboard for ps4 use only

Also if possible and if itís not breaking the forum rules please add amazon (USA) link

my bigger question is why xIM donít sell their own mouse (or like add a most recommended hardware list
]look how big this community is