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First 4 hours impressions!  (Read 312 times)

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First 4 hours impressions!
« on: 06:05 AM - 03/09/18 »
So my first couple of hours xim apex were amazing!!
Xim4 was absolutely a great product but  apex brings it so much further in case of precision and that horrible AA..
Installation was easy, I used a usb converter with an longer cable because the length of the hub cable was too short (lol).
Made sure my mouse was on 1000hz polling and correct 4k dpi
Setup was almost the same as my xim4 so no struggles there
Set it to 1000hz polling and felt low jittery but that got away with smoothing on 7
But all my focus was how did it handle that @#$% slowdown on bf1... and I immediately felt it on my first round... it cuts through AA like a hot knife through butter!!
I am a low sensitivity player ( 60hip and 45 ads on 1000hz @4k dpi) so AA was always a nightmare! Great work guys! One hell of a product you made.
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Re: First 4 hours impressions!
« Reply #1 on: 08:38 AM - 03/09/18 »
Thank you for your feedback! Smoothing level 7 is what I use too :-)
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