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Thoughts from a XIM Noob  (Read 385 times)

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Thoughts from a XIM Noob
« on: 03:30 PM - 03/06/18 »
Hey All

So I received my XIM Apex last night and thought it would be a good time to document my thoughts as a first time XIM user.

My background (in case you care): I have been a PC gamer for about 26 years now. A LOT of my gaming in the last 9 years has been exclusively FPS shooter games.

As my kids grew older they also naturally found a love of gaming....but being kids....and we all know kids are terrible decision makers.... they chose the PS4 as their gaming platform of choice instead of the mighty PC. (kids is so dumb!)

So they come to me one day and say "Hey Dad, wanna play Battlefront 2 with me?"
And I'm all like : "Dude you are gonna get so Pwned. I rule FPS! Let the tea-bagging begin!"

So I guess you all know where this is going..... All my PC years spent honing my skills and hand co-ordination to the  point of being a digital-death-machine completely evaporated once I picked up that [email protected]#$%^ controller. It was like the @#$% thing was made of Kryptonite!

Being laughed at by an 11 year old is something that no 39 year old man should have to experience.So I made a vow to "get gud" with the controller...... I tried....I really did... but I don't have long left on this earth and wasn't about to spend my precious time trying to better a K/D ratio of 1/29.

So the search began for a solution.... enter XIMTECH...."Sweet!" I say..."Take my money now!" I say.

Now we all know the shop issues and limitations that came with the launch of the Apex, and I really feel for the guys that haven't been able to get one yet. I mentioned before in a thread that this is the first product whereby the launch and anticipation of it's release turned me into a virtual Apple Fanboy. I even contemplated outsourcing the monitoring of the Xim shop to a guy in India.
I waited and monitored the shop...waited and monitored the shop...told work I was sick (and then waited and monitored the shop).... and I finally got my Apex through the cart system...WHOOP!

Which brings us (finally!) to last night.
So I unpack the Apex, download the App and watch the tutorial.
Plug everything together as per the tutorial video (except I have a wireless keyboard and mouse combo so both devices use the same dongle), turn it all on....aaaand...... no green lights from APEX only red...... @#$%, tutorial said green lights mean communication. Now what do I do?....is it the mouse/keyboard combo?.....is it the USB cable I'm using?.... am I gonna have to RTFM!
So I decide to pretend that the lights are merely there to act as a cool decorative aesthetic to the experience and I push on with the profile setup. That goes without a hitch.

Open the game up, wiggle the mouse and BOOM!, it's moving!! (take that red lights...u aint nothing!)
So I set in-game sensitivity to 100 and the set in-app profile hip and ?something? sensitivity to 90 each and I dive into my very first XIM experience.....

OMG!!!....what a difference. It just felt right again! I was actually having fun for the first time playing a fps on PS4!
Just to clarify, it did not automatically make me invincibly good. I still got killed....a lot....but I felt that I was now an asset to my team mates instead of a Leroy Jenkins. My whole experience was improved 1000 fold.

So now I guess I should dive into the setup and advanced settings of the Apex and I probably should find out more about the lights... I should do all of that.... but I wont....because the first thing I'm gonna do is reclaim my dignity from my 11 year old son.

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Re: Thoughts from a XIM Noob
« Reply #1 on: 03:39 PM - 03/06/18 »
I've never even thought of using a mouse and keyboard combo. Will be interesting to read the comments.

The only lights you should see once you have it working, is the color you assigned to your config, and the red lights that let you know you are going over the speed set for that game.

Definitely read everything you can, and watch the videos in my signature below. I don't have Battlefront, but it should play pretty flawless with your setup. So if it feels really really good, then you have it setup correctly. If you have Battlefield 1 or 4, it's as close to pc gaming as it will get!
[Instructional Videos]


[Xim Apex Manager & Firmware]

[Console Controller Crossover]

(My Current Setup)
-Xim Apex
-G502 set @ 1000Hz Polling and 12,000DPI
-Sony Navigation Controller
-Razer Black Widow Stealth V1 Keyboard (used sparingly)

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Re: Thoughts from a XIM Noob
« Reply #2 on: 03:56 PM - 03/06/18 »
Thanks for your feedback. :)
Get the most out of your XIM APEX, read the XIM APEX Support FAQ.