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« on: 01:31 AM - 03/06/18 »
IMPORTANT: Running the latest firmware
XIM APEX is actively updated with bug fixes and quality improvements. If you are having an issue with your XIM APEX, before looking for support, make sure to always be running the latest available firmware.


Instructional Videos | Quick Start Guide | Hardware Compatibility List | Game Support List


My aim doesn't feel quite right to me.

If you are having trouble "dialing in" your aim, please follow our mouse settings guide: XIM APEX Optimizing your Aim

I took an Xbox One controller update and now it doesn't turn on.

If you upgraded your Xbox One controller's firmware and now when you use it with your XIM APEX it no longer turns on automatically, please install our latest Beta firmware.

If you are still having an issue after upgrading your XIM APEX, please press the Guide button on your Xbox One controller to get it to connect.

Party Chat through my headset on Xbox One sounds garbled or laggy.

If you are experiencing issues with Party Chat on your Xbox One, try enabling Audio Compatibility Mode:

  • Enable Expert Configuration under Global Settings
  • Edit your Config
  • Within the 'Identity' section, press "..." to view additional settings
  • Turn on Audio Compatibility Mode
I configured my XIM APEX but my mouse and keyboard aren't working when connected to my console.

If you have configured your XIM APEX using XIM APEX Manager and you can see your mouse and keyboard input display in XIM APEX Manager but nothing is happening in-game on your console, it's likely that your controller isn't communicating correctly with your XIM APEX. This normally caused by a faulty USB cable between your XIM APEX and controller.

For PS4, the included USB cable with the console is low quality is mainly the cause of this issue. Please try a different micro USB cable.

For Xbox One, if you tried a different USB cable and it is still happening, please check to see if your controller icon is showing up in Manager. If it is, and input still isn't being registered on the console, try pressing a button on your controller to see if it's functional. If not, please hard reboot your Xbox One. You can do so by pressing and holding your Xbox One's power button until your console powers off.

Iím seeing a repeating sequence of red, green, and blue lights quickly over and over when I plug in XIM APEX and itís not working properly.

XIM APEX will verify your Configs at startup. If it detects corruption, it will halt and display this sequence. Corruption will occur if XIM APEX loses power during a save of its Configs/Settings. Updates only last a few seconds and occur when you are saving Config changes.

You must Factory Reset if you have corrupted Configs.

Iím seeing a repeating sequence of red and yellow lights quickly over and over on my XIM APEX and I'm seeing lightning bolts in XIM APEX Manager and nothing is working properly.

If one or more of the peripherals plugged into your XIM APEX is drawing too much power, your XIM APEX will shut down all it's USB port to protect itself from damage. Reduce the amount of power required to operate your devices:

  • Ensure your rechargeable devices are fully charged (controller, mouse, etc.).
  • Disable rumble on your controller if it is still active.
  • Turn off extra lights on your devices.
Iím feeling a delay/lag between when I move my mouse and when the aiming reticule moves on the screen.

XIM APEX is designed for minimum latency. Properly setting up your mouse, game and TV is just as important as properly setting up your XIM APEX.

  • Make sure your in-game sensitivity is set highest (such as ď10-InsaneĒ  or "100%" for CoD and BF).
  • Enable ďGame-ModeĒ on your TV.
  • Make sure your mouse is configured for its maximum-DPI.
  • Make sure your console's video mode matches your TVís optimal resolution.
Need More Support?

If this FAQ didnít address your issues, please consult the XIM Support Forum. There is a world-wide community of XIM gamers that are ready to help! The Support Board is a good place to start.

Warranty Repairs
If youíve followed all the suggestions in this FAQ and you still need warranty repair service. Please review the Warranty Terms to verify that it applies. Go to your XIM Store account, view the details of your order, and submit an RMA request.

NOTE: If your RMA is accepted, return instructions will be sent to you over e-mail. However, if we need more information, comments will be added to your RMA record (you will not receive an e-mail notification in that case). Please check your RMA record (through "My Account") for comments if you haven't received return instruction e-mail.
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